There is a restaurant in town that I tried to work with. I kept noticing they had horrible facebook posts. Really really bad. Things like “this place is bumping, come see us”. While that wouldn’t be acceptable even if they were a night club, this place was a high end burger joint. I took my fiance there and it was nearly $60. The place was really nice inside. The menu was a mix of eclectic items, very different from any other burger joint. Many different types of fries. The list goes on. But keep in mind, all very high end stuff. Duck fat fries. That kind of stuff.

The manager was looking to get more traction from his facebook, so I went in to consult with them. After meeting with him, he told me his market was a little older, people looking to go out and enjoy an evening, some live music, and dinner. What was happening, though, was the place was becoming a binge drinking joint. People didn’t come for the food, they came for the bar. Even though he food was great.

After reviewing their social media, all the photos were about people drinking. Photos of musicians on stage. The musical lineup for the coming week. There was little to no mention of their amazing burgers. In turn, they were promoting the wrong stuff.

If content isn’t engaging, people will stop listening. Users will get tired of being advertised to and eventually turn you off.

To compound the issue, they weren’t creating engaging content. Their conversations where completely one sided. Very few items were shared, commented on, or liked. This type of one sided social media is pointless. Over time, you begin to lose customers. If I were to post something like “hire me. hire me. hire me.” on a regular basis, and not give you any real info your interested in, you’re going to stop following me.

Keep these things in mind when you do social media for your business. Don’t make the mistake of make it one sided. Invite feedback. Invite conversation. Provide content that’s not always about your business but about your customers interests. You’ll have better brand loyalty because of it.