Last month Digg was scrapped and sold for parts. ┬áIn the wake of it’s demise, let’s look at why it happend?

Digg was founded by Kevin Rose. The little wiry kid from that nerd show back in the late 90’s. Well, he grew up to make a couple of million on Digg. Digg was really one of the first of it’s kind. Users could post news, articles, blogs, photos. From there, others would see the info and comment or vote. Sounds amazing right? Well don’t get too excited. They ruined it.

And I don’t mean they ruined it like Vanilla Ice ruined “Under Pressure” or Jerry Sandusky ruined shower fights (those were normal right). I mean, they made it so that it would never work again. What was once a level playing field was rigged so that certain users would always reach the top. Other content from new users never made it beyond a few hunded people.

Advertising was put into the middle of content which made you think you’re clicking on an article but really you’re clicking on an ad for Johnson & Johnson Bath Salts (before they were cool).

Users left in droves.

Okay nerd, get off your soapbox and make a point already.

My point is, your users. Need to be honestly marketed to. Don’t advertise something you don’t do. Dont promote a service you can’t deliver. Don’t sell a product that doesn’t work. Be honest in how you represent yourself and how you deal with your users. By users I mean your clients, your social media following, your email readers. Anyone that engages with your brand.

If you’re not honest, you’re DIGGing your own grave! (cue the rimshot)