The term “Advertainment” is great! Years ago, advertorials were the hot thing. Now, if you look at some of the commercials that main stream companies are putting out, the old spice guy, the badger car sales guy, and just look at the line up from the 2012 super bowl. Advertisers realize the power of social media and are building that into their commercials.

Who makes viral videos?

72 and Sunny, the guys that brainchilded Kenny Powers to be the CEO of K-Swiss, have been responsible for a handful of viral videos that represent brands. From Kate Upton polishing off a Carls Jr. to singing spacemen, they create content that wants to be shared. Not because it’s promoting a brand you like, but because it makes you say “oh wow!”

Casey Neistat also gets the power of viral video. His show “The Neistat Brothers” on HBO looks at video as a means to share a story. Each episode they make is packed with smaller videos that each tell a story and there is one over arching theme to the episode. Using creativity and some camera trickery they tell stories that people are engaged to share, partly because of the story they tell, but mainly because when you watch them, you say “oh wow!”

So what makes a video “go viral.” I’ve been part of a couple of meetings where they say “we really wanna make this go viral” and I’ve even seen a few places that claim to make videos go viral. There is no specific recipe that causes this. (except cats) You can set out to make a video that’s sharable and funny and has the correct ingredients, but you never know what’s going to happen.

There is one trick though, that you can do when thinking of ways to make things sharable. Whatever your message is, make sure it gets the person to say “oh wow!” when watching it. Whether that’s from being amazing beautiful or hilarious. If it can make someone say “oh wow” you’ve got a good shot of getting it shared across the internet.